$20k Per Month Finding Clients on LinkedIn

Linkedin WORKS!!!!

I have personally found many clients for my online Web Design business My business focuses in Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Web Design, Development, and Cloud Architecture, which is what I do during the day in case none of you guys knew. That’s why I was able to build this website you’re on right now. This dude is young but it goes to show that you can make money online no matter what your age is and even in bad times like now. 

How Does It Work?

Linkedin basically has a promote engine like Facebook that allows you to target like Online Clothing Store owners ONLY and pitch them your services. this is super key cuz you dont have to get on the phone with a million people, which is not fun. I still use a lot of these business methods today. thats how I got everybody on this site for the cashapp giveaways using online marketing. 

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